X-Out Messy Desks!

A messy desk is more than just an eyesore. Did you know that a messy desk can result in reduced productivity, increased costs for businesses and even fewer career advancement opportunities for employees?

An Esselte survey of 2,600 executives found that employees waste six weeks per year searching for lost documents. For an executive with a $60,000 per year salary, this can mean a loss of $8,000 for the company. In today’s economic climate, better organization can be a big advantage.
Messy desks can also hide some very entertaining items! A UK mover claims to have found a stuffed fox, fermenting wine and a voodoo doll in employee’s desks.

Fortunately, Fujitsu has a cure for X-tremely Messy Desks. The new, space-saving Fujitsu X Line family spanning PCs, thin clients and a display help foster a tidy desk environment by reducing clutter and shrinking the computer’s footprint on the desktop. To eliminate the tangle of wires that could snare a stuffed fox, the X Line offers Power of Ethernet (PoE), a single cable providing both power and Ethernet.

To show how the X Line family can remedy the problems of an untidy work environment, Fujitsu is on the lookout for the world’s messiest desk. We’d like your help to find it, and to show what organized benefits the X Line can deliver.

Submit your photo by tweeting it with the hashtag #Xtremmess or simply email them and we will include it here in this blog post.*

Submitted by Harry:
Submitted by Harry
*) Legal Notice: By sending your messy desk-picture, you confirm the following: i) You agree that Fujitsu may publish your picture free of charge on Fujitsu`s web-sides worldwide for Fujitsu´s marketing purposes, and ii) you are legally entitled to send your picture to Fujitsu for such purpose. Fujitsu may decide in its sole discretion, if your picture will be published or not.

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  • avatar image
    Mike Magee
    February 6, 2013

    The paperless office has still to dawn on people...

  • avatar image
    Dave C
    February 7, 2013

    If the government allowed me to work without paper I would be ecstatic Mike. Unfortunately they are stuck in the past! 99% of the paper visible is for government bureaucracy: applications, results, identification documents and copies in triplicate. The metal spike near the top-left corner is for my receipts. I scan them but need to keep the originals for my annual declaration. Fun, fun!

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