Why “German Gründlichkeit” Is Good for Cloud

Why German Gruendlichkeit Is Good for Cloud

Recently I had the honor to accept the Cloud Leader Award from the renowned analyst house Experton Group. Needless to say that I am very proud of our team. Kudos to everyone involved! It is always a pleasure to see what terrific results can be achieved if people connect and share a dream and a vision. Being recognized as a leader in seven out of eight categories shows us that we are on the right track.

In the last one and a half years we were able to implement a new, game-changing business model within a large, global enterprise and, at the same time, to also succeeded in communicating our new services and positioning clearly to the experts and multipliers in the industry. Not always an easy task as the press release for Experton’s new report shows with its title: “Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2012: Great products or just great marketing?”

Most important to me however is that we were able to win this award in Germany! Most of you who work in international teams know that the famous “German Gründlichkeit” (thoroughness) can be boon and bane. Compliance issues, legal restrictions, privacy policies or simply the culture of technological skepticism is making things hard and difficult for Cloud vendors and users. On the other hand: once a thing is done with ‘Gründlichkeit’ it’s really ready and works.

What amazes me most is to see that even vendors sometimes take a negative approach to the cloud and hope to win clients by supporting feelings of fear and anxiety. I personally don’t believe in this strategy. Yes, aspects like the Patriot Act, ACTA or the security and privacy of your data have to be taken very seriously. However, cloud is really no longer a hype or a trend, it is reality – so let’s stop declaring it as a hype anymore! If you do your homework with German Gründlichkeit and prepare your move to the cloud like you would prepare any other business critical change, then the risks are perfectly manageable. Plus: If you can make it in Germany, you can make it anywhere!

However: Winning awards is not what we primarily set out for. Winning clients is our utmost goal and I am happy that we are making good progress here as well. My German speaking readers might like to check out an interesting case study of the Vogelsänger Group here . And looking at our highly motivated and dedicated team I am absolutely positive that there will be a lot more by this time next year.

Until then however we happily accept the challenges that comes with such an award. The challenge of accelerating the democratization of software through our Business Solution Store. The challenge to further improve our services, to educate our clients, gain their trust and make them feel comfortable. Because I am certain, once our customers trust and count on us, we can win any award.

Again a big THANK YOU to the team and our customers for climbing the stairway to the cloud with us!

Yours sincerely

André Kiehne

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