When Data Gets Big

Lake Constance lies where Germany, Austria and Switzerland meet, and contains 50 km³ or one trillion drops of water – a 1 with 18 zeros! – or as those interested in Big Data might refer to it, one ‘exa’ drops of water. According to research by the University of Hawaii, all the beaches in the world have 7.5 exa grains of sand.

Presenting at Storage Networking World: Powering the Cloud  in Frankfurt this week, Bernhard Brandwitte used these examples as context for the incredible number of 2,240 zeta bytes of data that will somehow need to be stored during 2012.

Drawing on business scenarios from organizations like TomTom, CERN, BMW and Google, he considered why it’s important what we do with this data, benefit from analyzing it, managing its constant growth – not to mention the cost of growth!

Storage Network World attracted approximately 2,700 trade visitors this year who attended presentations, joined discussions, and visited the show floor. It’s also a popular meet-up for specialized industry analysts and press, and a focal point of news announcements.

A key focus for Fujitsu’s conversations with customers, journalists and analysts was its two announcements at the show:


If you are coming along to Fujitsu Forum on November 7-8 in Munich, you’ll have lots of opportunity to see and hear more about this in practice, and discuss how to apply it to your business.

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