What is ‘quality’ all about? See how your systems are designed, produced and tested!

IT is nowadays more important than ever, that’s why quality is vital. How do you design, produce and test a ‘quality’ system?  What does a world-class production chain look like?  Have you ever wanted to take a look at an internationally recognized test center? What is a semi-anechoic test chamber?

These are all great questions. You may have heard that Fujitsu has a production site in Augsburg, Germany, but what actually happens there? Are your IT systems ‘just’ assembled or is there more happening behind the scenes?

For an answer take a look at our Tour through the Augsburg factory here:

You will see the latest Lean Production techniques, electro-magnetic compatibility testing, motherboard design, system assembly…and much more.

Experience for yourself what true quality is all about.

– Daniel

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