What if you knew what you don’t know?

As long as anyone can remember, mankind has gone to great lengths to discover hidden secrets. Wouldn’t you also like to know what you don’t know? If you knew what you don’t know, you could probably predict opportunities and risks, make better, faster decisions, accelerate your business processes, and much more. Wouldn’t this be an advantage?

Such thoughts are no longer necessarily fantasy. Big Data, the Internet of Things and predictive analytical methods can make these dreams come true. It is all about tapping into the right data sources, extracting the appropriate data, and finding correlations in the most intelligent and creative way to find that needle you are looking for in the haystack.

There is no doubt that doing this successfully is challenging. But that is only one piece of the puzzle. The other challenge is dealing with the underlying IT infrastructure. Keeping processing times constant while data volumes constantly increase, coping with the constant data streams generated by the Internet of Things, and analyzing data ad-hoc to make decisions in real-time requires specific capabilities. These might include distributed parallel processing, event processing and in-memory platforms, all of which are prone to errors and which require complex, lengthy implementations.

To simplify and accelerate the deployment of your Big Data infrastructure and to relieve you of all the associated pain and risk, Fujitsu has created pre-integrated and pre-tested systems under the PRIMEFLEX brand, to cover a variety of use cases including Big Data and analytics.

The main purpose of PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop is to extract and collect large data volumes from diverse sources, and to pre-process it to make it more usable for analytics. The optional Datameer analytics software even enables non-technical users in your business units to run self-service analytics that do not require any involvement from your IT department. In addition to distributed parallel processing, PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop can even cover event processing and in-memory processing.

But doesn’t the term “in-memory” make you think of SAP HANA? Have you already considered introducing SAP HANA to accelerate your business processes? If so, PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA will help you achieve a stress-free implementation of the new infrastructure.

Do you have to deal with other types of analytics? These might be computer-based modeling or simulations, used to validate theories and designs, or to build and test virtual prototypes quickly. In this case, it is the demand for high computing performance rather than the size of the data sets that may prove challenging. In this case, high performance computing (HPC) could be the recommended architectural approach.

With PRIMEFLEX for HPC, Fujitsu lowers the barriers to entry for HPC. At its core lies Fujitsu’s HPC Cluster Suite (HCS), the middleware which brings the HPC cluster to life and dramatically simplifies HPC. It includes HPC Gateway software whose desktop-like look and feel makes HPC accessible and usable even by non-IT users. Job submission times can be reduced from hours to minutes, and multiple applications can be handled easily even if they are distributed over multiple clusters and various locations.

All PRIMEFLEX integrated systems are offered as ready-to-run systems or as reference architectures which can be adapted to meet your specific requirements.

All told, if you intend to apply new forms of analytics to manage Big Data or any other data, remember that deploying the right underlying infrastructure can be very easy, very fast and absolutely risk-free. So let’s take the easy approach to unlocking your hidden secrets.


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    Rótulo Ltd
    June 5, 2016

    I love Fujitsu! Great brand! I have some products since my first fujitsu mobile. Congratulation! André Ricardo Diretor at Rótulo Ltda São Paulo - Brazil

  • avatar image
    Christian Arlt
    June 7, 2016

    I really like the Fujitsu products! Works great!

  • avatar image
    Christian Arlt
    June 7, 2016

    The approach described here shows that Fujitsu understand the broad field of Big Data and analytics. They have all the technologies at hand that an organization might need. I also like the way how they bring these technologies onto the road using their PRIMEFLEX approach.

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