What a trip for John A. Way and his Fujitsu Ultrabook!

6 countries, 7 airports and 10 flights. What a trip for John A. Way and his Fujitsu Ultrabook. From the beautiful channels of Amsterdam, to the amazing Eiffel Tower in Paris, to the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, to Dubai with its fascinating skyscrapers and remarkable Delhi. John has seen it all. (Pictures)

Even though traveling in Business Class is quite comfortable John needs some time to relax after such an intense business trip. His red Fujitsu LIFEBOOK Ultrabook was his best companion he could have on this journey. No need to charge the battery while in the plane, extremely light, and lots of security features that are vital to secure important data when traveling the world.

Last but not least…John is happy to see that he really is as good as chess as he thought. Or maybe, he just has not played against you!


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