We’re all Customers – Inside and Out

We’re all customers. Every day. All the time. Whether we’re at work or at home. Anywhere and everywhere. We’re customers. And I’m not just talking about the ability to use our devices to buy something on Amazon or order a new dress or shirt from our favorite retailer; I’m also talking about working the HR department in your company, or contacting finance for some figures, or requesting a new laptop from IT.

Those are customer interactions and should be treated as such. Only, for many of us, that doesn’t happen. The same focus on customer needs and delivery of high levels of ‘customer service’ isn’t apparent. That’s because there’s a disconnect between how the business perceives its people and its external customers.

In the digital era that doesn’t work anymore. Your external customer service is only as good as your internal customer service. If your processes aren’t fast, flexible and transparent, then your external customer relationships will suffer. Our recent FIT FOR DIGITAL report highlights the need for a greater emphasis on how business operations and processes relate to an enterprise’s ability to serve its customers.

Three statistics stand out for me: Over a third of C-level leaders see digital disruption having a direct effect on their business models and revenue streams. A quarter say it’s changing their business models and processes, and around a fifth says it’s all about transforming customer relationships and service. Add all those stats together and you find that the great majority of C-level executive understand that everything is connected – and the element that connects them is – the customer, internal and external.

That digital imperative is at the heart of our ServiceNow platform

We design and build solutions based on a business’s specific needs as it seeks to achieve digital transformation in a world where disruption lurks around every corner. The speed with which new business models can appear and overwhelm traditional enterprises is staggering. Just look at how Airbnb is eroding the market for hotel rooms in major cities!

A seamless digital experience INSIDE your company is as important as OUTSIDE it. ServiceNow, with its integration of service, business and operations management into what is, in effect, a single pane of glass across your entire enterprise, delivers benefits where it counts; with your people – the customers of each department and function.

Take HR. It’s a vital department. Let’s say your IT department finds a great new team member and they want to on-board her as quickly as possible, but doing so plunges the manager who interviewed her into, ‘A vortex of emails, message, forms and unstructured interactions.’ Everything slows down. The new hire doesn’t get a good impression of the company she’s about to sign on for, and everything gets sticky and frustrating.

Then, when Monday morning comes, the new hire finds all she needs on her desk and can hit the ground running. That creates a great impression on the new starter, as well as freeing up her manager’s time and that of all the people involved in the process across the business.

By avoiding inefficient processes and duplicated efforts, productivity rises, cost inefficiencies are avoided and employee satisfaction is improved. It’s simply a better way of working. And it’s just one example how Fujitsu, with ServiceNow, looks to Free your business to do more business. That’s how digital can create a seamless world of customer service – inside and out.

For more insights take a look at our ServiceNow overview and a video of a break out session on this topic at Fujitsu Forum. And come meet us at ServiceNow Knowledge event in Orlando 7-11 May.

Download FIT FOR DIGITAL right here.

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