We succeeded and achieved a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD!

We achieved a new GUINNES WORLD RECORD!

Last week, as part of our Fujitsu Forum Munich 2017 activities, we brought Digital Co-creation to life for our customers. We held a customer event at the BMW Museum in Munich, with our partner Citrix, and instead of having an inspirational after-dinner speaker, we set ourselves an ambitious goal to illustrate the power of co-creation and the mutually beneficial relationship we have with our customers and partners. We thought we’d try to set a new record.

And we succeeded!

Fujitsu and a select group of customers are now officially recognized GUINNESS WORLD RECORDTM holders. By working together we achieved a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDTM – for creating the world’s largest digital tablet computer mosaic.

We built the mosaic from 220 Fujitsu STYLISTIC R726 tablets, everyone putting at least one tablet into the specially built wall, and then with some technical wizardly, wirelessly brought them to life with a stylised Japanese landscape animation.

Watch us in this short (2 minute) video:

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