VISIT preparations in full flow: Experience and attention to customers

He’s our man in charge: Wilfried Frewert, Head of Marketing, Fairs & Events, has been working in event management for fifteen years and is taking VISIT to Munich for the second time in November. And he knows about organizational challenges from A to Z – as well about how to tackle them!

Claudia Wilfried, you’re responsible for handlingall the preparations and logistics for VISIT. How do you manage to stay in control of organizing such a huge event?

Wilfried A lot depends on experience, systematic delegation of tasks and advance communication. The Event Team rganized and supported 250 events last year. So that’s our bread and butter and all the cogs mesh in place.

Claudia What makes VISIT a success in your opinion?

Wilfried Our organization and communication account for about 50 percent. But at B-to-B events the personal customer ontacts of the local Marketing and Sales teams are also very important. Listening to what our customers are saying is a key to success. We know from feedback we received last year that our keynotes, Breakout Sessions and one-to-one meetings with our top management are particularly important to senior executives, and our Expert Talks and the exhibition to IT departments.

Claudia Does this VISIT differ from previous ones?

Wilfried Yes it does, because we’re presenting ourselves as a completely new IT Group – as One Fujitsu – with a world-spanning presence, global delivery capabilities and a much broader portfolio. In addition, we’re making more extensive use of the possibilities of the Munich Congress Center. At conferences we can also communicate more complex topics like Services or Cloud Solutions in a more effective way.

Claudia Where do you see the biggest challenge?

Wilfried To coordinate the framework of the event with the central contents so that the messages we send to customers are right on the mark. In addition to an event experience, our customers expect us to give them a crystal-clear explanation of the benefits we deliver.

Claudia What is your aim for this VISIT?

Wilfried We want to provide our customers and partners with a tangible experience of our products and services, and of our business alignment. We want them to go home with an underst anding of the advantages that “shaping tomorrow with you” brings to them! Through concrete agreements with customers, such as how we plan to follow up on projects after VISIT, we also want to boost the sales process both in the short and the long term.

Claudia How does VISIT differ from our competitors’ house fairs?

Wilfried VISIT is truly focused on target group specific communication. For example, every single Expert Talk is jointly organized and prepared by our Sales team and the experts. Furthermore, it is important to us that we personally attend to our visitors. We don’t hire external promoters to do this but have regular Fujitsu employees on the ground, who know our customers and can optimally assist them. Our entire top management is pres ent at VISIT and actively engages in the dialog with our customers. Our colleagues are excited about VISIT and their enthusiasm will also be passed on to our customers.

Claudia Thanks for your time!

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