Video: Our 2010 product update

Something really exciting happened in Katrin and my daily business lives recently. We shot a video about our latest and greatest client products launched in January 2010.
The shooting took place on January 18, 2010 in our office in Munich and the video is now finally ready. It took a really long time to perfect all the small details. As this was my first professional video shoot ever, I was very nervous right beforehand. But I calmed down a lot watching my colleague Christian Bock and Frank Kuypers from Intel shooting their parts. I realised that cameras don’t bite.

After Christian and Frank’s part, it was Katrin and my turn. And after that, I have to admit, it was really fun. After only three takes it was a wrap! 

And now, I’m happy to present our new video to you today so you can get an update on the products that were launched at the beginning of 2010. The film will give you more details on the new products, features and benefits.




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    April 22, 2010

    Do you plan any AMD/ATI platform notebooks, and if so will you be using your own or ATI's drivers? I sincerely hope you will use their drivers, since frankly FSC driver support for PUMA platform AMD/ATI based notebooks is very poor... almost to the point of not wanting to buy FSC again...

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    Markus Seifart
    April 29, 2010

    Hello Azogtoth, At the moment we do not have products based on AMD/ATIs PUMA platform in our current portfolio, except the CELSIUS V840 workstation. You have to apprehend that we cannot comment on future products and plans. But we always provide the drivers that fit our products best as we are always partnering with the platform provider. Best regards Markus

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