Using LED lights to send data to smartphones

Here at the #FujitsuForum we are showcasing a technology that modulates the color of light emitted by LED lights in such a way as to be undetectable to the human eye, but that can still embed ID data in the light that is cast on an object.

LED Fujitsu Forum

This technology enables ID data to be embedded in an object that has been illuminated, where it can then be captured by simply pointing at the object with a smartphone, for example. The smartphone can then capture the data corresponding to the ID.

This could be used as part of the following services:

  • Providing product information just by pointing a smartphone at the product, and in the future, it may even be possible to handle automated payment and delivery.
  • Streaming a briefing video just by pointing a smartphone at an exhibit in a museum.
  • Just by pointing a smartphone at a performer on stage you can download the song the performer is singing.
  • Displaying detailed information or commentary in the user’s native language just by pointing a smartphone at a historical building or plaque at a tourist resort.


In addition, this technology is not limited to LED lighting, it could also be used with projectors.

LED Tokyo FF

You can see a live demo of this technology here at the #FujitsuForum in Tokyo or read more about it here

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