Useful Social Media Tips when Attending an Event

Social Media Tips - Fujitsu Forum 2017

Fujitsu Forum is only a few days away. We’ve got a packed schedule of keynotes and breakout sessions with a huge selection of expert talks and co-creation sessions being run over the 2 days. Not to mention a large exhibition where you can discover the latest innovation from Fujitsu. Below are a couple of useful social media tips when attending an event like our #FujitsuForum.

Use the official event hashtag

Include the official hashtag in social media posts to be part of the event discussion. For Fujitsu Forum in Munich the official hashtag is #FujitsuForum. By using the hashtag you increase the chance of others interested in the event seeing your tweets and it will give you better chance of taking part in interesting conversations.

Let your friends and colleagues know you`re attending

Share event-related content with your followers and let them know you`ll be attending #FujitsuForum in advance. You might even already be able to set up meetings with other attendees this way.

Post live from the event

Let people who are not attending the event take part in keynotes, breakout sessions, expert talks and co-creation sessions. Share quotes, photos of interesting slides or live streams with your followers.

Want more? Ask questions!

Find further information or what your followers think about the event. Not sure what breakout session or expert talk to attend? Ask your followers for feedback and maybe they have recommendations – or even would like to meetup at the street food festival.

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