Up in the Air with LIFEBOOK S6420

In today’s world, not many people realize how much paper is involved in the work of a pilot. They must regularly consult voluminous manuals, as well as reading navigation data, that must be made available to each crew and kept up to date at all times. Of course, the same applies to the records that captains and first officers have to prepare for the airline. This documentation adds up to a considerable volume of paper, which lead the IT decision-makers of Lufthansa to look for an innovative IT solution that would allow them to come as close as possible to what they considered the ideal paperless cockpit.

The Lufthansa Group ranks among the world’s leading passenger airlines, operating Lufthansa Regional, Austrian Airlines, British Midland and SWISS, just to name a few. In 2009, Lufthansa Passenger alone flew more than 55 million passengers to 191 destinations in 78 countries. In the same year, SWISS flew 13.8 million passengers to 76 destinations in 40 countries. Impressive figures and thus a very good sign that the Group chose to partner with Fujitsu.

Further project goals were cost reduction, operational autonomy, automation, simplification and standardization. The Lufthansa project team surveyed the mobile systems available on the market, analyzed the products of different vendors and finally concluded that the solution they were looking for was Fujitsu’s LIFEBOOK S6420. With its Intel Core 2 Duo processor, long battery runtime, 13.3 inch WXGA display and a total weight of only 1.7kg, this notebook adds a new dimension in workplace quality to the cockpits of the Lufthansa fleet. Its deployment and the resulting reduction of the amount of paper on board gave Lufthansa a host of operational and ecological benefits.

Now present in every Lufthansa cockpit, the LIFEBOOK S6420 from Fujitsu gives pilots and other cockpit personnel a high-tech tool that makes their work easier. Lufthansa’s Project Manager, Daniel Schwalbe describes the benefits of the project: “It’s easy to figure out how much time, effort and money we save if you assume that we can eliminate the need for 16 million navigation charts per year and 50,000 pages of printout a day. Deployment of Fujitsu’s Lifebook S6420 has brought us a big step in the direction of achieving the paperless cockpit.”

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