The Ultra-Mobile Computing Revolution

The Ultra-Mobile Computing Revolution

Picture a Sales Manager’s day, out from early morning until late evening. What used to mean an early start in the office to pick up notes about her prospects, followed by phone calls/emails during the day, now all happens while she’s on the road: preparing for the day’s meetings; dealing with important emails; pulling up real-time CRM data; interactive presentation and proposal-writing together with a prospect aided by her device’s rotatable screen; closing the deal digitally with digital signing as she wraps up the meeting; then simply plugging into a port replicator in the office or home at the end of the day for instant access to drives to back up her machine for the night. This type of flexibility and productivity boost is driving the adoption of ultra-mobile devices within the Enterprise.

In a recent study, IDC interviewed IT and LOB decision makers across Europe about the role of tablet PCs in the digital transformation of their company. 60% consider tablets to be integral to their mobile strategy, with 70% quoting an increase in employees’ productivity, and a decisive 63% citing an increase in working flexibility and mobility as key:

mobile productivity

Tablets are already in the enterprise and seen as strategic – for good reason. They really are ultra-mobile: Ultra light, and instantly on, they support apps for task-oriented working on the road and yet allow seamless integration into networks for office working. While tablets are ranked by the study in 3rd or 4th place IT spending priorities for 2017, Notebooks are still ranked in joint 2nd place. Premium notebooks are being chosen based on ultra-lightweight high-spec configurations – perfect for productive working while on the road.

Whether ultra-mobile notebooks or tablets are used to supplement an existing infrastructure or to replace older laptops and desktops depends on the application scenario: For pure touch-based applications, such as checking flights or pulling up a customer’s details within a CRM app, a tablet is perfect. If you need a keyboard for preparing an offer, then simply clip one on and you’re ready to go – or choose an ultra-lightweight 2 in 1 for its full-sized keyboard and flexibility:

2 in 1 devices have all of the power you’d expect from a premium notebook combined with an ultra-lightweight form factor, day-long battery life, full HD touchscreens that can flip or even rotate for rapid switching between notebook and tablet modes, and all of the connectivity you’d expect both out of, and in, the office. The IDC report anticipates that 2 in 1 devices will make up over half of the tablets that will be purchased over the next few years.

FUJITSU ultra-mobile premium solutions deliver flexibility and productivity without compromise:

The FUJITSU STYLISTIC R727 tablet, for example, offers the high performance, battery life, multitasking, and security you’d normally expect from a notebook. With optionally integrated 4G / LTE, Bluetooth, WLAN, and NFC, it comes with all the connection options you’ll need. Combined with the superior features of Windows 10 and a convenient drop-in cradle it also integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

If an ultra-mobile premium notebook is what you’re looking for, the FUJITSU LIFEBOOK S937 is a touch-enabled notebook for the most demanding traveller. Its slim lightweight design impresses with a per-charge battery life of up to 21 hours and an anti-glare display which guarantees a crystal clear picture even in bright conditions.

The new LIFEBOOK U7 family is perfect for demanding mobile professionals. It’s super light, offers enterprise-grade security, a super crisp and touch FHD display, and full sized interfaces for maximum connectivity in the office.

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