Think big, don’t think in silos

Organizations are entities that think. They’ve been called ‘brains’ – and, they do work a lot like them. But, in the rush to get things done each day, it’s easy to forget that organic, very human quality. An organization needs time to think, and the ability to share ideas, data and insights across disciplines and functions. So, what’s ERP got to do with it? It’s a solution that enables people to think by doing the hard work of bringing together the information you need in one streamlined flow of… thought.

I know this sounds like ERP 101 – but, sometimes, it’s useful to step back and take a broad view of the point of solutions like SAP’s S/4 HANA. It’s more than just a tool, it’s the foundation of how we can think about what the business does, and what it needs to do, and how it should do it.

That is, it helps us – people – think about the present and the future in more agile and effective ways. That’s why the addition of SAP’s LEONARDO is so important. We can think about practical things and creative things and link the two streams of thought together. It’s that combination of robust and fast IT – robust and fast thinking – that delivers results which count in the marketplace.

There’s a great quote from my colleague, Benedict Wenzel, in Fujitsu’s new Insight Guide, Harnessing the Genius of Digital, which sums it up: “SAP is seen as the enabler of an enterprise’s digital core. But we need to see their solutions as part of a much broader objective. That is, digital transformation. Not the transformation of just one element of the business – for instance ERP – but the entire business.”

And ‘the entire business’ means that there can’t be barriers to the flow of information and ideas. We can’t think in siloes. What’s the use of a great idea that can’t break free of one department and make a difference across the business? It will probably not gain traction and the right people won’t find out about it. That, in turn, means the idea can’t get better. And if it can’t evolve, it won’t get to market on time.

With the addition of LEONARDO, SAP now offers a very broad set of capabilities, but they can’t be thought of in isolation. They should be seen in a holistic way: two sides of the same coin. That is, as the engine of a modern enterprise. The new insight guide shows how this can help enterprises focus on their markets and their development without being hampered by that siloed thinking.

And it’s vital that SAP itself needs to be thought about differently. Another contributor to the Guide, Michael Straub, says, “You could argue that S/4HANA, if it’s thought about as an individual solution, forces people to take a narrow view of what it can do. It’s an element in digital transformation, but it isn’t the entire solution. The launch of LEONARDO changes all that. Suddenly, the picture is complete.”

Thought can be organic. It can transcend boundaries and siloes. S/4HANA and LEONARDO can drive new ideas as well as great functionality. It’s why we see the combination as organic. And the best way to achieve organic change is through co-creation, which is what we do with our customers. We help them deliver natural, human-centric growth across the enterprise.

Read the insight guide here.

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