Thin, thinner, thinnest: the first Zero Client by Fujitsu

At VISIT09, we will showcase our newest innovation from the Client environment: the first genuine Zero Client as a perfect front-end for the virtual workplace.
Our newest Client creation proves our innovation power in this segment once again. The Zero Client is a front-end solution that possesses – and even surpasses – all the advantages of a Thin Client. Designed as an intelligent display and available as 19- and 22-inch versions, the Zero Client comes with just one cable for both power and LAN. It does not require an operating system or a processor, applications or local data backup. The Zero Client merely provides the connection to the virtual machine: “less of a client” with no sacrifice to performance is inconceivable.


As a result, there is no requirement for workplace management and the total cost of ownership is clearly lower than that of the Thin Client. 

In addition, users benefit from constant, automatic central data backup and one hundred percent protection against data loss; the short installation period and perfect recovery options make the hearts of IT administrators beat faster. A new user for a Zero Client can be set up within just a few minutes, whereas an administrator in the past had to plan as much as a full day of work for the task. This short installation period also makes a big difference in environments where customers need to allocate many temporary system accesses – such as in training centers or schools.

Another important advantage not immediately obvious but equally important is recovery. As all applications and data are located on central servers in the data center, constant, high-quality back-ups are guaranteed. If problems emerge on the user’s desktop, the IT manager can simply replace the current virtual machine with another one in a matter of minutes.

At VISIT, you will find the Zero Client in the exhibition area dedicated to Technology & Innovation.

zero client

Video after the break! 

** UPDATE: here is the video – live from Visit09**

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