Many organizations already mobilize their workforce. The reasons are manifold, ranging from the wish to increase productivity to being even more attractive to talented young professionals. But not only are the reasons manifold, so are the device requirements from users and the business. One key trend is clearly going towards so called 2 in 1 devices. Those basically combine tablet flexibility with notebook productivity. As in mobile devices in general, thin and light is what users desire.




We have designed the new STYLISTIC R726 with these two big trends in mind. The approach was to make it as easy as possible for users to seamlessly switch between tablet, notebook and even desktop mode. This is why we have implemented a Magnetic Keyboard. Users just hold the keyboard close to the bottom side of the tablet and the magnets will do the rest. Pulling out the integrated Tablet Stand completes the transition to a notebook. Removing the keyboard is also simple; just pull it off the tablet. Transitioning between tablet mode and notebook mode has never been easier. As the naming 2 in 1 implicates, it is about replacing two devices, your notebook and your tablet, with one. But a feature that users also like about notebooks, is the ability to dock them into a port replicator when sitting at the desk, to easily connect to a larger screen and peripherals. In order to provide that convenience, the STYLISTIC R726 offers a cradle that allows just that; ergonomic working when in the office. Users do not even have to remove the keyboard from the tablet, as the cradle can handle both at once.



Two topics have always been a discussion when talking about tablets, performance and runtime. The R726 runs on the latest Intel platform and is just as powerful as a notebook. Plus, it will run for up to 12 hours. Those features support users to get the job done, wherever needed. And after a long working day, there is still some battery left to watch a movie or read the news.

The STYLISTIC R726 has an anti-glare display option to allow working outdoors or in artificial lighting environments. Its display of course supports pen input to take notes and scribbles, do drawings or even get an audit-proof signature directly on the tablet, no additional devices needed.

The magnesium-aluminum alloy housing can cope with hectic work and life styles of users. No matter if on a plane, a train or anywhere else.

Security has always been a priority in our device design. This is why the R726 supports next-gen NFC-based contactless SmartCards. If you want to know how that works and would like to get a summary of the important facts, please watch the video below.



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