The mainframe business – a good place for young professionals to engage

The mainframe business – a good place for young professionals to engage

Here at Fujitsu, we are committed to develop the next-generation talent for the mainframe. The industry and our customers are starting to feel the shortage of skilled engineers as their experienced mainframe experts are retiring – and with them, decades of accumulated know-how: with many organizations finding they have nobody to fill the void.

We know how important it is that our customers can keep their mainframes running long into the future, as the high-performance engines that power the digitalization of their business processes. Today, just like ever, our customers rely on mainframes to process high-volume, mission critical business transactions and underpin their digital infrastructures. Digital disruption is placing new demands on mainframes and this means organizations in all industries are seeking assurance that they will be able to count on their systems for years and years to come.

To help fill the skills gap and ensure a smooth generational transfer of knowledge, we have set up the Enterprise Platform Services (EPS) Academy in 2016, which fulfills a mission of training also for a new generation of highly-skilled IT professionals with expert mainframe know-how.

You could argue that millennials might favor working on cool and fancy cloud technology, but when you think about it for a minute, it’s hardly as impressive as the processing power, speed and power of a mainframe. And just consider the fact that while the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities sent other parts of the industry into meltdown at the start of this year, mainframes were largely unaffected…

With their legendary reliability and outstanding security, mainframes are the strong backbone of so many digital processes today – and our customers who are running mainframes want to keep on doing so. What’s more, working in this area is never boring: there are always new challenges to solve in cooperation with our customers, such as harnessing the mainframes’ potential for the digital age, developing new mainframe-based applications for the future, and applying new skills to this powerful technology.

I recently discussed some of the huge opportunities in this space with Florian Holl, a member of our EPS Young Community who has chosen to focus his career on mainframes. He told me that mainframes are a unique and dynamic area and explained why he enjoys working in a customer-facing role. You can watch the video here.

As Florian explains, he was initially concerned about the impact that working on mainframes may have on his Resume, but he quickly realized the opposite is in fact true – and that by taking over custodianship of powerful, mission-critical systems, his career opportunities have flourished.

Mainframes are evolving with new capabilities and if we look into the future, we foresee an even greater demand for new mainframe talent, so this is a perfect area for developing and growing a successful career. That’s the philosophy behind the Fujitsu EPS Academy – and we’re currently taking sign-ups from other young people who want to follow in Florian’s footsteps.

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