The Cloud is here to stay

The Cloud is here to stay

The consumerization of IT is one of the key aspects that many of us have to deal with today. The world of today is very different. Roles have significantly changed within the space of a few years – and the driving force behind this change is nothing less than consumerization. IDC, the research company, attributes this change to private users wanting to contribute their own IT experience to the corporate world. The boundaries between corporate IT and consumer IT are flexible – a reality in nearly all developed markets. This consumerization is embedded in the change from conventional computing to web-based software and online processes and is thus a vital part of cloud computing. This new way of working is driven by mobility enhanced by the Cloud and – thanks to Big Data – is now more intelligent and more imaginative.

“The Cloud isn´t everything, but everything is moving to the cloud.”

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    Stefan S.
    March 20, 2013

    I have to agree that the cloud is here to stay. It just makes everything so much more efficient and does not tie you up to a single operating system (hello Apple!) or browser. Ever since I dumped iTunes for content consumption and my old portable hard drive as a storage device, my professional life is much more efficient. I can have access to my documents and mp3s with just a login away. Of course, I need to be careful about where I login at, but still it is a much better option because I can do anything as long as I have a reliable Internet connection, which nowadays is pretty much anywhere.

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