Taking Security to the Highest Level

Taking Security to the Highest Level

The security of companies and individuals is under constant threat. Cash machines can be manipulated, passwords stolen, ID cards copied, medical records compromised, key information hacked…the list is endless. While there are many security solutions on the market, the key is to have a solution based on unique data which cannot be compromised.

Biometric solutions not only achieve this but they also offer:

  • True authentication
  • Privacy
  • Cost and workflow reduction

Typical examples would be face or fingerprint recognition, as well as retina or vein scanners.


When choosing the right biometric solution, you must make sure that:

  • It provides the lowest possible False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and the lowest possible False Rejection Rate (FRR).
  • The applicability rate is almost 100%
  • It’s not affected by environmental factors, for example cold or warm temperatures
  • It’s hygienic and that
  • It does not depend on age


Fujitsu’s Laboratories have developed the groundbreaking PalmSecure vein scanner which fulfills all these criteria.  Fujitsu’s PalmSecure is the most accurate technology on the market today with a False Acceptance Rate under 0.00008% and a False Rejection Rate of 0.01%. PalmSecure is also the most practical technology available.

Here’s how it works:

  • Firstly, the user’s palm is placed over the sensor
  • The sensor then focuses and determines that the palm is that of a living person
  • Infra-red light is emitted and the vein pattern recorded, encrypted and transferred to a PC
  • The vein pattern is then converted to a biometric template, encrypted again and finally stored in a protected biometric template.


Fujitsu’s PalmSecure has 5 key advantages:

  • Veins are unique even among identical twins and they never change during a person’s life
  • Palm veins are not only complex structures with over 5 million reference points, but they are also insensitive to environmental factors, such as temperature changes or skin scratches
  • As there is no contact with the sensor, PalmSecure is very hygienic
  • PalmSecure is also very easy and intuitive
  • And it guarantees privacy as the biometric pattern is hidden inside the person’s body


The Fujitsu PalmSecure solution can be used in a number of scenarios. For example, in a high security area of a data center or to protect a company’s R&D department. Today, PalmSecure has over 30 million users throughout the world in a wide range of applications:

  • In financial services, it is used to grant secure access to:
    • Online banking
    • Cash machines
    • Deposit boxes
    • In the field of Information access management, PalmSecure is used to:
      • Login to company networks
      • Grant access to restricted areas in airports, construction sites or other areas where confidential information is stored
      • Personal record management has huge potential when it comes to issuing sensitive personal documents, such as:
        • Social security cards
        • ID cards
        • Health records
        • PalmSecure can also be used to support secure payment for retail services


To learn more about the PalmSecure solution from Fujitsu, please visit .

Have you tried using PalmSecure? What experiences have you had with it or with other security devices? What are your main security concerns?

Would love to hear from you!

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