Fast track to your VMware Software-Defined Data Center

Is there a compelling event for composable infrastructures?

Articles about the beauty of composable infrastructures (sometimes also called “infrastructure as code”) made me take a closer look at this new hype. So what is all the noise being made about? To keep it short and simple: It is about high-density racks com...

The Software-Defined Data Center Science fiction or reality

The Software-Defined Data Center: Science fiction or reality?

I still love it – that scene in comic books, where a superhero with superhuman strength tears off his clothes and takes off on another mission to save the world. This is great science fiction. Looking at the press and other publications about the Softwar...

Are you ready for a software-defined data center?

Are you ready for a software-defined future?

‘Software-defined’ anything and everything has become the latest buzzword in the IT industry pos...