Tackling the “natural enemy” of Industrial IoT

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The way towards Industrial IoT solutions is a journey most companies will have to take sooner or later – of that there is no doubt. Today, two thirds of manufacturing executives are already confident that their IoT initiatives can boost their profitability. Surely the leading companies in other industries would agree, such as energy or logistics. However, what is Industrial IoT really about? Simply said, it is all about smart connections! And what is the “natural enemy” of connections?  Probably the silos!

Becoming connected requires the elimination of silos in the existing IT system, but also across all departments and at all levels (e.g. business management, specialist departments, IT department).

logo SAPBreaking up the “technical” silos by seamlessly connecting Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) and integrating new systems with existing infrastructure may already sound like quite a challenge. This definitely requires some expertize. However, at Fujitsu we think that this is the easiest part of the journey. Fujitsu Connected Enterprise, for example, offers end-to-end solutions which are closely integrated with SAP MII and SAP HANA and which help companies to leverage the full potential of their SAP investments.

illustrated workerThe more serious hurdle on the IoT journey is probably a question of mindset – the so-called silo mentality which is a common occurrence in most enterprises. A connected way of thinking and planning right from the start is essential to make IoT projects happen and successful. However, we understand that there is uncertainty about the real impact of IoT technologies and how to start. Fujitsu can help to understand the implications of IoT for your individual business and at all levels and thus help to tackle the “natural enemy” of IoT solutions.

To ensure that all the parties involved agree on a common approach it is often helpful to start with small pilots, discover the quick wins and then scale up the initiatives that quickly produce measureable results.

To learn more about the challenges and benefits of Industrial IoT solutions and how to make a successful start, feel free to read the White Paper „The Connected Enterprise: Making the Industrial IoT Happen – Right Here, Right Now“.

For more information on Fujitsu Connected Enterprise Solutions please check the brochure “Transforming manufacturing operations and asset management for better business outcomes”

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