T-2: Fujitsu Forum is almost ready to go!

Fujitsu Forum is almost ready to go – what about some facts and figures from „behind the scenes“?

How much furniture? 

3,000 pieces of furnitre are in use (chairs, tables, exhibition table, armchairs, etc.)

How many sq. metres of material?

3,183 sq.m of material

How many flowers? 

170  cypress trees, 10 glass containers with greenery and 4 large olive trees

How many lorries?  

30 lorries

How many kilometres of power cables?   

6 km

How many kilometres of LAN cables?

25 km

How much carpet?         

9,250 m²

How many helpers setting up everything?  

100plus people (engineers, organization technicans)

How many sponsors?   

41 (2x Diamond; 7x Platin; 4x Gold; 28x Silver)

How many exhibits on show?      

350 exhibits in the Demonstration Center

Overall area for Fujitsu Forum


How many rooms?         

Over 100 rooms are in use (auditorium, BOS rooms, Expert Talk rooms, meeting rooms, interpreter cabins)

…..and we built in 3 days or 11 „skyscapers“, with a height of up to 6 metres, in the foyer!


We look forward to seeing you on 19th and 20th November in Munich!

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