Strong Relationships are Key to Mutual Satisfaction

Strong Relationships are Key to Mutual Satisfaction

85% of our channel partners are very satisfied or satisfied with Fujitsu and feel that we add value to their business by appreciating our mutual business relationship. This came as a result out of the Reseller Satisfaction Survey we ran recently.

Every two years we reach out to a representative sample of our channel partner base to understand their changing requirements and to ensure that we are continuing to support our network effectively. The latest study spanned 28 countries and surveyed 1, 873 contacts to understand the opinions of those channel partners who are actively involved in selling Fujitsu portfolio.

The survey revealed that, the higher the partner level, the higher the satisfaction with Fujitsu – with SELECT Circle partners describing themselves as the most satisfied. The results showed an improvement in satisfaction overall compared to the previous survey, conducted in 2013 / 2014.

This result underscores our commitment to our partners at every level and our desire to deliver a program that really adds value – and in the case of our SELECT Partner Program members, is a testament to our pledge to partner to grow together.

We offer our channel partners access to our wide-ranging portfolio of state-of-the-art products and in general, respondents registered high satisfaction with them. The company’s efficiency was also mentioned as being a popular characteristic, however the elements that most contributed to the high level of satisfaction were soft factors such as the ease of doing business with Fujitsu and responsiveness to inquiries.

Channel Partners account for approximately 80 percent of Fujitsu’s sales – so ensuring that they are satisfied and supported is crucial to Fujitsu’s ongoing success. We are very much encouraged by the positive feedback we have received but there are still areas where we can further enhance our channel offering, and others where we need to help our partners to better understand the opportunities that are open to them. For example, respondents cited “managed services” as one of the key opportunities for future business development – and Fujitsu is at hand to support those partners who want to move from a product focused business model to include value adding service offerings.

There is another significant opportunity for partners – that is to help enterprises reap the benefits of digitization. Businesses are increasingly turning to virtualization, not just for applications but also for entire enterprise infrastructures to enhance their ability to respond to rapidly changing market requirements. At the same time, they want to squeeze the maximum benefits from their legacy infrastructure. These enterprises are looking for trusted partners to help them reap the potential benefits. However, most resellers questioned still perceive cloud business as hype with slow adoption, suggesting that we need to work more closely with our partner network to help them seize this opportunity.

If you are a channel partner and you would like to find out more about our SELECT Partner Program or how to exploit the information on the partner portal – we’d love to hear from you. We see our relationship with our partners as a long-term, mutually beneficial collaboration, so we are always open to feedback relating to how we can help you be successful. The recent survey has been completed, but we are always interested in your opinions.

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