Today’s CEOs are embracing a venture capitalist’s mind-set when it comes to IT. They expect their IT organization to become revenue generating streams and not just enablers. 70% of their business goals come from a combination of faster ROI (Return on Investment) and faster TTM (Time-To-Market). The impact of not meeting these goals results in increased cost due to delays in delivery, which in turn means loss of revenue arising from the loss of customers to the competition. When systems are delivered with bugs it creates negative impact on the customers’ experience, and lack of confidence in application performance; which results in portraying a negative image of the IT organization over all.

To address the above challenges, it is important to stop and reassess basic realities and make the required hard decisions. Shifting towards the left is one such strategy to drive higher ROI in the future by doing things better today. Fujitsu Managed Services has been in the fore-front of driving “Shift-Left” strategy for years. The biggest beneficiaries of the Fujitsu “Shift-left” strategy are the end users. The company is enabling its clients’ IT organization to constantly move closer to the end users by service excellence and increased self-service. Fujitsu adds a different dimension to “Shift-left” by using its unique “Sense and Respond” strategy which is based on Lean Service thinking.

The Sense and Respond strategy provides clients a distinctive cost advantage by shifting work to low-cost and generic nodes which is achieved through increased automation. This is done by utilizing Known Error Database, minimizing process redundancies, and simplification of work. The Fujitsu Sense and Respond strategy have been successful in eliminating waste and generating cost savings for clients. The program is also backed by the Fujitsu four pillared innovation framework: Lean AMS methodology, Automated Process Discovery tools, Enhanced Service Reports and Analytics with Macroscope® for PMO and Delivery Excellence process. Fujitsu has also been the industry leader in introducing intelligent and self-correcting technologies in the Managed Services space.

With all these strategies, Fujitsu is able to deliver intelligent and futuristic solutions and at the same time reduce service delivery time and cost by approximately 30%. Other benefits derived are improved service quality through increased automation and continuous improvements, overall risk reduction and increased customer satisfaction. So the mantra is to work with clients in helping them attain competitive advantage in the market place by adopting Sense and Respond strategy, and we call it ‘Stop-Look-TURNLEFT’.

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