Staying Safe: The Role of RFID in Automating Inspections

Oil and gas producers have come under increased scrutiny in the wake of several major spills and other disasters. Ensuring offshore oil rigs, drilling equipment, and other assets are in good working order is critical to employee safety, production consistency, and safeguarding against potential environmental damage. That means equipment has to be inspected frequently and accurately.


Having accurate, reliable data capture technology is even more important due to the implementation of new rules and regulations in 2014 related to improving both processes and recordkeeping to ensure well integrity.

With manual processes, it can be difficult to correctly identify items — which can include dozens or even hundreds of identical couplings and valves, for example — and update inspection records. Fujitsu’s RFID solutions can provide fast, accurate identification of assets and equipment to speed up the inspection process.

With durable, high-memory RFID tags designed to operate on metal and in damp, dirty environments, oil and gas companies can uniquely identify each piece of equipment. Tags like Fujitsu’s 8KByte high memory tag, or our 64KByte RFID Tag can store not only identifying information, but also updated inspection and maintenance data. That means employees working in remote sites without network connectivity can still access and update the information on the tag using a mobile device. Fujitsu also offers a new line of integrated label RFID tags that can be used to replace the traditional nameplate on parts.

The Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group (an industry consortium) has identified a number of inspection and maintenance applications that could benefit from using RFID. The technology can be used to track inspections and maintenance of flanges used on oil and gas pipelines, for example, which can accelerate data reconciliation, validate data, and improve safety.

RFID can eliminate the time consuming and error-prone manual data entry associated with inspection and maintenance checks. That saves time, and it also ensures equipment is accurately identified and maintained. Those savings not only take the sting out of regulatory compliance activities, they also make it easier to operate oil and gas production facilities safely and securely.

For more information about how Fujitsu’s RFID solutions can improve your manufacturing and supply chain operations, contact us today.

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