Six key questions to ask before buying storage

The answers you need to make your storage purchase a big success.

I have made a real bargain with my storage array – and now?

Purchasing a new storage system is nothing you are doing in an afternoon shopping tour, going to a supermarket, looking for the best price and taking it with you. It’s not only the price that makes a storage array attractive. There is much more you need to know before you decide about your next storage investment.

Challenge your sales rep and push him to get the answers you need to make your storage purchase a big success.

Here are six key areas that might help you for your discussion:

  1. How do I get the system up and running, do I have to invest in skills, what’s about automation?
  2. Is the system able to grow with my business?
  3. All-flash arrays (AFAs) are on the rise but are they the right storage system for me?
  4. Can I integrate the new system in my existing data center environment and data protection strategy?
  5. What’s about support?
  6. Are there any services to help us run this storage system?

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