In this high octane race, modern businesses are endlessly trying to transform and invent new ways and means to do things that keep them relevant and ahead of the competition. To achieve these objectives, business needs IT to become their growth engine. To do this, IT needs to partner with service providers who will help them create strategy roadmaps that include the right innovations to power their growth engine.

In several corporate surveys, over 75% of the participating executives agreed that the biggest bottleneck in undertaking major transformation projects is the IT skills gap currently on the market. Gartner, in a study published in September 2014, predicts a shift from labor to solutions and platforms that are specific to business buyers’ needs. They are rightly expecting analytics and mobility to be embedded within all applications, to keep up with current trends in the market. There is also an increasing impact of digital business enablement when integrating processes, technology and analytics. As always, the limited level of investment funds will have to be carefully managed and applied to create any significant differentiation for the business.

To bridge the gap between your current and a future desired state, Fujitsu AMS has come up with a best-practices strategic value-added offering—”run-To-Value.” What this means is that greater value can be obtained during the run phase of any major implementation, by a continuous and incremental improvement program whereby the focus is to prepare for transformation and growth through innovation and adoption of new technologies. Why not use the best technology available instead of trying to patch together an outdated system that will eventually have to be replaced or drastically updated anyway. Fujitsu “gets” the importance of innovation and has invested $2.9B annually on R&D, and has 100,000+ Patents to create a competitive advantage for its clients.

With this approach, the objective of application maintenance dramatically shifts from simply problem solving to unlocking the true value of IT investments. The Applications team paves the way for transformation by creating an environment that supports innovation, while offering the choice of a broad IT portfolio. Innovative products and tools like: the Automated Process Discovery tool, Application Value Assessment and Cloud Portability Tools / Templates, Fujitsu Cloud Provisioning Portal, RunMyProcess for Process / Application Integration and Fujitsu Big Data Solutions have changed the Enterprise IT landscape forever, taking the IT organization to a completely higher level.

Fujitsu has been at the forefront for driving Human Centric Innovation, which stands on the three pillars of: Increased Human Empowerment, Connected Infrastructure and greater Creative Intelligence. The secret sauce for Fujitsu leadership in this area comes from the way we combine our client’s business knowledge with technology expertise. This combination delivers valuable outcomes, while continuously integrating the technologies and services required to deliver the desired change. It also provides life-cycle support and modernization, creating the right conditions to incubate further innovation. Fujitsu has impacted the lives of hundreds of enterprise clients by improving access, convenience and ease of use to IT services in a very cost effective manner and by making businesses more agile and flexible to respond faster to the changing business environment.

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