Risk and Reward with Hybrid IT

Pose_1_0060 f2_HandEditWhy Hybrid IT?

It’s the reality of most organizations today with Robust IT based on traditional IT and Fast IT using cloud platforms to deliver digital engagements for customers. Hybrid IT brings the two together. Analysts estimate that by 2017 the vast majority of IT orgs will have bimodal IT and will be using Hybrid IT as a core element of delivery.

Via a Hybrid IT approach, Fujitsu has helped a number of customers achieve competitive advantage, higher customer focus, better security, control & risk, as well as, improved financial management.

Cloud delivers agility, better cost transparency and innovation. But, there are risks too. In the past, people thought that you could magically migrate legacy platforms to the cloud. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened.

What is Fujitsu’s response? Via MetaArc and Hybrid IT Services, Fujitsu offers a complete portfolio, via multiple form factors, globally, giving customers choice, enabling them to manage the complexity and exploit existing investments by unlocking the value existing in legacy IT systems and expose the capability to customers via the cloud. By taking the benefits of cloud (agile, cost and innovation) and making use of Hybrid IT leads to a competitive advantage. This competitive advantage is arrived at by achieving the perfect balance of Robust IT and Fast IT.

Why not come to #FujitsuForum and discuss with an expert on Nov.18 and 19? Alternatively, to find out more about Hybrid IT, see .


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