Ready for your next vacation? Who is going to look after your data?

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It’s almost the end of the summer. The school year is just about to start and business people are starting to come back from their annual leave. Before I left on my vacation, I wasn’t just ready, I was counting down the hours. I was really looking forward to taking a break, but as always, I had a lingering concern about leaving unfinished work behind. I am lucky enough to have someone I can delegate my work to in my absence, but it still gives me a guilty conscience. I think many other people have the same uncomfortable feeling.

But there’s another concern that often preys on the minds of many people on vacation. And that relates to whether their business data is protected. Of course, protecting data on notebooks is important, but even more crucial is being able to protect the business-critical data keeping the business running. Is this secure? It’s difficult to truly relax when you aren’t sure of the answer. I can’t imagine anything worse than returning from holiday to find that daily business operations had to stop due to data loss, except perhaps having to return to work early to solve the problem…

Thankfully this can all be taken care of automatically – at least it should be! Machines don’t get days off, they must be available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. But what happens if there’s a system failure or a disaster? Is the data safe from corruption or deletion? Does your data also have someone to delegate to? By that I mean: Have you backed up your data regularly?

Surveys show that over half of small and midsized companies do not perform daily backups and only 30 percent of enterprises with virtual infrastructures back up their virtual files regularly. But why do so many companies skip backups when business data is one of the most valuable assets a company possesses? The general consensus is: Backup is boring, it’s complex, and it’s time-consuming!

To make your life easier I suggest having a closer look at integrated backup appliances such as the ETERNUS CS200c from Fujitsu. The appliance offers a simple, cost-effective approach to protecting your data. It can run in any virtual environment including traditional, converged or hyper-converged or physical server environments. The pre-loaded, pre-configured and customizable solution is ready to go, right out of the box. There is no need to identify the most appropriate server, storage hardware, operating system or backup software. It is all included in a single box and the components are optimally configured. Furthermore, it can dramatically cut initial setup times for your backup environment from days to hours.
If your data use increases, the solution can easily grow in line with your requirements: It provides powerful out-of-the box scaling and broad flexibility. You can simply add storage capacity, advanced software capabilities or combine multiple appliances depending on your changing requirements. And what is more, its central, unified management makes administration easy. By automating repetitive or complex tasks, it can streamline the continuity of operational and disaster recovery processes.
The ETERNUS CS200c is easy to buy, easy to deploy and easy to manage, and reduces overall costs by means of savings in procurement, rollout and operation. You will hear more compelling reasons why to choose the ETERNUS CS200c Powered by Commvault in this video.

So now that your data is secure, the next time you are out of the office, you can really relax, safe in the knowledge that your business-critical information is in good hands.


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