Putting Your Data at the center of your Digital Transformation: Co-creation with NetApp and Fujitsu

fujitsu and netapp deliver with their close partnership IT infrastructure solutions supporting IT managers. Keynote at Fujitsu Forum 2017.

Data is strategic

This point was made emphatically by Alexander Harth, Head of User Support, Deutscher Wetterdienst (German Weather Service), who explained that the organization gets terabytes of data from over 70 radar stations daily. IoT plays a key role for the Deutscher Wetterdienst which needs to capture, store and analyze data in real-time.

Fujitsu Forum keynote Putting Your Data at the center of your Digital Transformation: Co-creation with NetApp and FujitsuThe Deutscher Wetterdienst has to store and process an enormous amount of data. By switching to NetApp, they have reduced the time to process weather data from 15 seconds to under 1 millisecond. This key as the Deutscher Wetterdienst is very much at the front of the emergency service.

Alex Wallner, Senior Vice President & General Manager EMEA, NetApp clearly explained that digitalization is about an eco-system to enable customers succeed. This was also echoed by Michael Keegan, Head of EMEIA Product Business Line, Fujitsu, who also added that the market is going towards converged and hyper-converged systems; this adoption is being driven by the need to move quickly, and that’s where Fujitsu and NetApp’s Converged Infrastructure Solution NFLEX can help.

As customers want to become more efficient, they have to manage ever-increasing amounts of data.
NFLEX makes it easy for organizations to add compute or storage capacity and to scale with precision, helping them match application requirements to business needs.

“With digital transformation topping the strategic agenda in most organizations, IT leaders are under tremendous pressure to harness today’s wealth of data and apply it to create new value across the entire business,” said Ranjeet Sudan, Vice President, Converged Infrastructure Group, NetApp.

Putting Your Data at the center of your Digital Transformation: Co-creation with NetApp and FujitsuBeing able to move data around different hybrid cloud platforms is key for customers, especially those with regulatory requirements; hybrid IT lets them take their first careful steps into the cloud world, says Mark Phillips, Head of Hybrid IT EMEIA, Fujitsu. NFLEX is ready for cloud and hybrid IT environments through the combination of Fujitsu Enterprise Service Catalog Manager and the NetApp Data Fabric.

As customers go onto their digitalization journey, they can rely on a partnership that spans over 20 years across engineering, go to market and a clear customer commitment.

Are you putting your data at the center of your digital transformation?


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