Proving your point: the case for ROI in edtech

Proving your point: the case for ROI in edtech

Think back to when you were at school. How often did you use a computer? It probably wasn’t very often. And when you did, you were probably sharing it with half your class. Things have changed a lot since then. Students and parents don’t just expect to have devices in class—they expect to have really good ones. Which causes a challenge for you: how do you find the money for suitable devices? And how do you persuade your budget-holder to prioritize your needs and requests?

We conducted a global survey into IT leaders in education establishments, and found that 84% feel they have a duty to prepare their students for a digital future. And part of that means giving them the right digital technology in education to learn and succeed.

But why are devices so important anyway?

82% of IT leaders around the world say if you can provide students with high quality devices, you’ll positively impact their learning experiences and study outcomes. And this is no surprise: the better your devices, the more they enable and empower.

Our young people will be working in a world where digital is king. They need to be able to use all kinds of devices, programs and software. And while the majority can comfortably use devices, go on social media and play videos – this isn’t the same as digital literacy. These skills need to keep being developed and taught by teachers and establishments.

At home, students have access to extraordinary technology. In fact, 73% think their students have access to better devices at home than they do in education. Of course, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise when you consider how many funding challenges education establishments have.

The case for ROI

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Firstly, devices break. 46% of IT leaders say their biggest problem around devices is how easily they break or are damaged through student use[1]. And when devices break regularly, you can’t prove your ROI, and educational technology funding gets harder to secure.

85% say that ROI is now more important for things like laptops and tablets than it was two years ago[2]. So, establishments need to be certain that when they invest, they aren’t going to be left with short-lived devices.

So, not only do you need to prove that ROI exists on your devices, you also need to put forward business cases. 84% think it’s important to be able to build a business case to secure funding for technology in education[3]. However, 77% say they need support in doing so[4].

You know what you want. Now, how do you get it?

Putting together a business case is the best way to secure your investments. You’ll need to have a clear plan: what you want to invest the money in and why. You’ll need to back it up with examples and case studies. And you’ll need to prove ROI.

Our education experts said their top factors when it comes to proving ROI on devices are teacher engagement (55%) and built-in security (54%)[5].

So, to help you get the funding you need – and to use it in the best way possible – it might be time to partner up.

79% of education establishments would be interested in partnering with a third party[6]. And that’s where we can help you, by being your edtech partner on this journey. We can help you choose the right devices and infrastructure for your education establishment. And most importantly, we can help you put together an impressive business case. We work with schools, colleges and universities the world over, delivering best-in-class solutions, so we can help you do the same.

For more insights into digital learning around the world, read the latest research report: The Road to Digital Learning.

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