Promoting the CELSIUS Ultra @ gamescom 2009 in Cologne

The World Premiere of our new CELSIUS Ultra Gaming Machine was at gamescom in Cologne. 2 Colleagues and I from the Augsburg Headquarter traveled to Cologne to present the fastest air-cooled Gaming Machine to the World.

We were faced to some Issues with setting up all 20 Systems, installing the LAN, getting to run all 6 Games with the perfect Software Settings in the Games and so on. We also managed to get GRID to work with the Logitech MOMO Racing Wheel, thanks to my colleague Martin who had to do a Night Shift to solve the Issue. After all we were ready on Time to show the CELSIUS Ultra to the World.



We had 2 Booths, one on one End of the Hall, the other on the other End, so that we have been able to catch as many Gamers as possible.

One Booth was set up with 10 Racing Cages in which it was possible to play GRID against each other to see who is the fastest Driver of all 10 in the Game.


The other Booth was set up with 5 different very demanding Games of different Genres to show the Power of our CELSIUS Ultra. We had Crysis, Crysis Warhead, Assin’s Creed, Mirror’s Edge and Anno 1404 installed.

We played Crysis with 1920×1200, all Details on very high and 4x Anti-Aliasing and the CELSIUS Ultra ran very smoothly with 45 FPS on Average.


Some 4 nice Girls helped us to promote the Machine to the Gamers.


Sorry, one Girl is missing on this Picture.

The gamescom was a very hard exhibition, Time wise. On 2 Days it was open 10 hours and 1 Day counted in with 11 hours of Opening Hours. But at least we stayed in a nice hotel which was much more comfortable compared to our prison cell at KnastLAN;-)

But the very positive Feedback was worth all the Work and Night Shifts. There was almost no Gamer who wasn’t astonished by the sheer Power of this Rig. All in all it was a successful Exhibition for Fujitsu.



Here’s our nice team:

Isa, Ramona, Markus, Viktor, Julie and Britta. Martin didn’t want to be on the Picture with us, he is the guy who wants to stay hidden. Sorry about that.



To get an Impression of our Racing Booth, please click on the video below.

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    September 2, 2009

    I like your job. The last 2 pics convinced me ;-)

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