A Promising Future for SPARC/Solaris

A Promising Future for SPARC/Solaris

Over the past few months, there have been questions concerning the future of the SPARC/Solaris platform that we’d like to address.

First, in terms of Oracle Solaris, its Premier Support will last until at least 2034. In fact, in October 2017, Fujitsu partnered with Oracle on a worldwide roadshow to discuss the future of Oracle Solaris and share how Oracle will be actively developing on and innovating in Oracle Solaris until at least 2034.

Speaking for Fujitsu, we remain 100% committed to the future of the SPARC/Solaris platform. And we’d like to share a bit of our vision in this blog.

We have released our Fujitsu SPARC M12 last year, the successor to the Fujitsu M10. Our new platform has outstanding core performance; in fact, it utilizes the world’s top performing processor per core according to 2006 SPECint_Rate and SPECfp_Rate benchmarks. Fujitsu has been developing SPARC platforms for almost 20 years and we intend to continue this innovation. For example, you can expect to see enhancements to system performance, scalability, and RAS, along with other improvements. (We’ll release additional details when they’re available.)


SPARC / Solaris roadmap
Standing on a more than 30-year partnership, Fujitsu and Oracle will continue to provide the best platform for mission critical businesses including Fujitsu SPARC M12…


Current Fujitsu SPARC platform technology isn’t just used in our Fujitsu M10 and Fujitsu SPARC M12 systems, variants are also used in Fujitsu mainframe and Fujitsu supercomputers such as the Fujitsu PRIMEHPC Series. This sharing of technology makes our M10 and M12 systems more powerful, scalable and reliable. We believe the future of the SPARC/Solaris platform is strong. Our partners and customers can continue to rely on Fujitsu to deliver the world’s highest performing and most reliable SPARC/Solaris systems for mission-critical enterprise computing.

Fujitsu roadmap

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