“I enjoy working at Fujitsu because…” – Sabine Plein

Sabine Plein

At Fujitsu, our unique approach to innovation is centered on people. This does not only apply to our products, services and solutions – but also to our own company.

At the Fujitsu Young Community, we are a group of young employees who were driven by a common spirit and got together to build a platform to network, share knowledge across the different departments and create a joint future. Voluntary work is a part of this as well – recently we helped classifying clothes donations for refugees in Augsburg. We also have another thing in common: We enjoy working at Fujitsu immensly.

To give some insights into our daily working routines, how we came to Fujitsu and what our thoughts are on what distinguishes Fujitsu from other companies, we started a series of interviews with the members of the Young Community. My name is Sebastian Seitz and with the help of my colleagues I conducted these interviews for you that will be published one by one in our blog.

I enjoy working at Fujitsu because…

…because my colleagues are all very friendly and helpful. They support me whenever needed, but are also honest and
able to express criticism.

How I got started at Fujitsu

I started a dual degree with a B.A. in Business Administration and a vocational degree at the Fujitsu office in Munich in 2012 and graduated in september 2015. After my graduation I was offered a role in the Finance department at the Augsburg facilities.

What do I do at Fujitsu?

I work in the Business Controlling department within the Finance Product Supply Operations and specifically deal with the area of external services from an economic perspective. Exemplary, some of my tasks are cost controlling and the evaluation of the month’s close. Furthermore, I support the calculation of customer-specific products in combination with the different production departments.

What distinguishes Fujitsu in your opinion from other companies?

At Fujitsu, I have brilliant colleagues  and the working atmosphere can be described as highly cooperative and friendly.

What part of your job do you like best?

I find projects most exiting, during which various departments are working together to win a tender. Every product is different and requires a unique strategy and mindset.


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    Vishal Goyal
    April 27, 2016

    Its always good to hear from employees across the globe about there experience working in Fujitsu

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