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Fraser Corsan and the Project Cirrus team have arrived in California and are finalizing plans for an epic wingsuit challenge supported by Fujitsu.

Sixteen years ago, Fraser Corsan, a Fujitsu business development manager in the UK, was one of only 15 wingsuit pilots globally.  Now one of the most experienced wingsuit pilots in the world having racked up over 1,300 wingsuit jumps, Fraser has flown the distance from New York to Mumbai, experienced over two days of continuous freefall  and fallen a vertical height equal to 108 times the distance from earth to space.

After months of preparation he is now attempting to break records and raise money for charity. You can see how he is preparing for this challenge of a lifetime in the video from Men’s Health below.

His challenge exemplifies what Fujitsu is about – technology and humans working together to achieve breakthrough results, safely and securely, innovating through technology to achieve more.

Higher, longer, faster, further

This is why Fujitsu is sponsoring his record attempt.

These next few days have been a lifetime in the making for Fraser, as he prepares to make 2 jumps in an attempt to break 4 wingsuit world records:

  • Highest speed – faster than 234 mph
  • Highest altitude – higher than 37,265 feet
  • Furthest distance – further than 19 miles
  • Longest time – longer than 9 minutes, 6 seconds


**Update 23/05/2017**

Yesterday Fraser embarked on his first record attempt out in California.

Between 6 and 7am US time, Fraser attempted his first jump to break the world records he set out to achieve. Unfortunately, the weather conditions were not in our favour as it was extremely hot (approx. 40 degrees) – but there was agreement it was certainly still worth the attempt.  As predicted, the plane did not get up to altitude and Fraser was not able to break any of the records he set out on this occasion.

He however landed safely, is very positive and already looking to rectify elements for his second attempt on Saturday in Canada.

The production team have created a great piece detailing Fraser’s attempt which can be viewed here.

**Update 28/05/2017**

After the completion of the first jump in California, Fraser and the Project Cirrus team moved onto Canada for the second leg and final jump of their challenge to break four world records, which would push Fraser’s body, mind and the technology to the limit in the most hostile environment above the earth.…
Fraser swapped the Cessna Supervan 900 light aircraft he used for his first jump for a high altitude hot air balloon, piloted by Sebastian Msuya and Mark O’Neil. 
Towards the end of the week things on the grounds were all going as planned with the platform created and attached to the balloon; all equipment checked and ready to go into extreme temperatures and altitude, however the weather was not looking in our favour. 
The team were monitoring the weather systems closely and on Friday night the balloon pilots called that it would not be safe to attempt to take the balloon up with 2 weather systems coming in over London Ontario.  As you can image Fraser and the entire Project Cirrus team are extremely disappointed but it was always going to be that the safety of Fraser was to be our first priority.
There is some good news … Fraser did manage to break both the FAI Continental and FAI British Altitude Records.  This officially makes him the European/Brit to have exited a plane at the highest altitude (10,823m).  He also broke the European records for the further distance of all at 9,741m.  Not the world records we were hoping for but still a great result.
Fraser and the rest of the Project Cirrus team are back safely in the UK. 

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