Preview: Fujitsu’s Digital Co-creation at CeBIT 2017

Preview: Fujitsu’s Digital Co-creation at CeBIT 2017

Hello from Hannover! CeBIT 2017, one of Europe’s largest technology shows, kicks off in Germany today with Japan as the official partner country. With an estimated 200,000 people visiting CeBIT over the next five days, what can you expect to see from Fujitsu at the show?

Fujitsu is proud to be one of the 118 organisations showcasing in the huge Japan Pavilion – this year focusing on ‘Society 5.0’. This is how technology is being used to tackle issues such as pollution and energy efficiency. Digital Co-creation is our theme, which is how Fujitsu works in tandem with our customers to connect the digital dots within their business, and support their business growth.

What trends do we expect at CeBIT 2017?

Businesses are looking to take advantage of artificial intelligence and this makes a major part of what we’re showcasing this year. Zinrai is Fujitsu’s human-centric artificial intelligence (AI) platform. Using APIs, it opens up artificial intelligence to a huge number of applications and Live Talk is a great example of this innovation in action. Live Talk converts speech into text and translates it in real-time. This allows people who speak different languages and those with hearing disabilities, to communicate instantaneously. Here’s a video of Live Talk in action! You’ll be hearing more about our AI offering at CeBIT in the coming days.

Digital Co-creation is not just about AI though, we’re showing how Fujitsu is empowering customers through technologies such as the internet of things, big data and robotics. On our stand you’ll find RoboPin – which interacts with you as you talk to it. This robotic mediator greets guests and will have some exciting uses in the customer service space.

But how do businesses take advantage of these new technologies?

MetaArc is Fujitsu’s digital business platform – which enables organisations to tie these ‘fast IT’ elements together. This week we’ll be talking to delegates about how MetaArc and our K5 cloud platform can support their business.

Another innovation that we we’re excited to demonstrate is our new liquid immersion cooling system for the data centre. By submerging the data centre technology in a dielectric liquid, we’re able to reduce the power needed for data centre cooling by 40%. With the current exponential growth of internet data, this cooling technology will support the infrastructure needed to power the internet of the future – you can view our prototype on our stand!

Here’s a quick preview of the Fujitsu stand in the pictures below, we look forward to seeing you over the next five days.

 If you’re at CeBIT visit the Fujitsu stand in Hall 4, A38 in the Japan Pavilion

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