Point-of-Sale abnormalities: analyze, understand and reduce

In times of big data, multichannel commerce, retail 4.0 as well as increased mobility and networking between customers, dealers, suppliers, and producers, retail is undergoing a major transformation. These changes bring completely new opportunities with them, in order to effectively and efficiently handle any problems at the POS.

The challenge: billions in inventory losses

According to the EHI study “Inventory Differences 2018”, inventory losses in the total retail trade in Germany totaled 4.1 billion euros in 2017. Although customer theft represents the largest percentage of total loss, employee revenue loss is higher than customer theft. However, even unintentional deviations from existing regulations and business processes can lead to significant losses. In the face of countless sales transactions per minute, retailers face the constant challenge of uncovering, analyzing and counteracting irregularities at the POS with targeted measures. Your data already contains all features for detecting abnormalities. However, only the interpretation of the analysis results separates certain activities or irregularities into “free of fraudulent behavior” (e.g., misinformed processes) and “fraudulent behavior” (fraud).


The solution: Fujitsu Fraud Prevention

This is where Fujitsu Fraud Prevention comes in. It is an add-on developed by FUJITSU – the only Fraud solution so far – for SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository) on HANA. But what makes this SAP CAR on HANA based solution different from traditional fraud prevention tools?

Real-time access to your data – anytime, anywhere: our web-based front-end can be used on any device; this increases the analysis speed. Active management of suspected cases reduces the amount of time spent on internal fraud and increases the likelihood of associated claims settlements

The analysis of complex mass data at high speed: all cash and multichannel data can be evaluated in a very short time and increase the information gain from analyzes.

Relief of the IT department: In addition to the existing standard reports, departments can intuitively generate individually required analyzes themselves

Trigger-based alerting: alerts are automatically generated and displayed on the user dashboard as soon as abnormalities occur

Maximum flexibility: decide individually which of your store scenarios you want to integrate

You are not yet using SAP CAR on HANA?

Then we have just what you are looking for. Get to know SAP CAR in more detail with our special offer. Take advantage of our offers for the SAP HANA-CAR Test Drive or Fraud Prevention PoC starter package. We provide this package for testing and evaluation.


For detailed information, we are at your disposal.


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