Podcast: Getting the best of both worlds in Hybrid IT

Podcast: Getting the best of both worlds in Hybrid IT sat down with Fujitsu’s Head of Offerings Guy Ratcliffe and Xtravirt CTO Peter Grant to discuss the massive changes impacting IT infrastructure planning and the rise of the Hybrid IT model.

The result? A thought-provoking podcast to wrap your ears around!

In this 25-minute conversation, Guy and Peter talked about some of the hottest topics in Hybrid IT today, including:

  • The market factors driving increased Hybrid IT adoption
  • The benefits to adopting the Hybrid approach early on
  • What to consider when moving to a Hybrid IT model
  • Some of the common mistakes people make when considering Hybrid IT, and how to avoid them

Give the podcast a listen now for plenty more insight around the rapidly evolving Hybrid IT landscape…


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