The Perfect Mobile Companion

The perfect mobile companion

For many of us it has become the norm to work wherever, whenever, and however we want. We work in cafés, during flights, in the train on the way to meetings; we need mobile devices that give us both flexibility and the power we need to get our work done anywhere. But what do you choose – a notebook, or a tablet?

Mobile working no longer means having to carry a heavy laptop just so that you have the power you need on the road. The latest high-end business notebooks offer an ultra-lightweight form factor while featuring bright full HD displays to make working with them on the move effortless. Pull up a chair in your favourite café, slip out your notebook, and you’re ready to work. Thanks to built-in 4G / LTE you can choose your workplace based on the coffee you like, and not on their Wi-Fi setup. It’d even enable you to pull down those important files from your office server while meeting a client on a building site!

A full complement of connectors means you can access peripherals and get straight to work on days when you’re in an office. Fast SSD drives mean quick application starts and maximum performance, while all-day battery life ensures you won’t spend your first ten minutes in a new location looking for a power outlet. Worried about device security? Don’t be: technologies like FUJITSU’s PalmSecure® prevent unauthorised access to your notebook.

Enter the 2 in 1!

IDC recently interviewed IT and LOB decision makers across Europe about the role of tablet PCs in the digital transformation of their company. 60% consider tablets to be integral to their mobile strategy, with 70% quoting an increase in employees’ productivity and mobility as a reason for purchase.

As the study showed, many are turning to tablets due to their ultra-mobile portability and convenience. Instant on technology and touchscreens are perfectly adapted to the use of task-focussed app software like maps, flight and train timetables, team messaging apps and more while on the move. With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4G / LTE connectivity, they allow you to be connected wherever you are. Clip-on keyboards add comfort for longer data entry tasks and slot-in cradles allow instant access to corporate networks and peripherals when you’re at your desk.

2 in 1 models with full-sized keyboards in addition to touchscreens are the ultimate travel companions. Representing a great synergy between the notebook and the tablet, these devices have both the power of the notebook and it’s full-sized keyboard for more intensive data entry tasks, and the ultra-mobile convenience of the tablet with it’s touch input and light weight. Often sporting anti-glare touch displays that can be flipped or even rotated to make viewing easier for several people, they are also perfect for adhoc presentations and informal, spontaneous, meetings while on the road!

Notebook or Tablet? The Same. Only Different.

Whatever your needs – business notebook or 2 in 1 – FUJITSU has the perfect device for you AND with €100 cashback, there couldn’t be a better time to buy!
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