Organizational data security, EraseDisk and end-of-life devices

EraseDisk ensures your data does not fall into the wrong hands

EraseDisk ensures your data does not fall into the wrong hands after end-user devices in your organization reach their end of life

Ever wondered what happens to your company’s devices, such as PCs, laptops, workstations, once they reach their end of life? Most of the times these old devices are either discarded or donated; however, in companies with strict compliance regulations, the old PCs are recycled or sold after the so-called ‘secure’ deletion of the drives. But is it really secure? Not really.

Disk sanitization or the process of permanently removing data from old PCs is considered costly, time consuming and somewhat complicated, and because of this many organizations tend to overlook it. Retrieving sensitive or critical data from old equipment is not that difficult, if data is not permanently deleted. Data is the currency of the digital world; companies simply cannot afford to lose it.

EraseDisk: a watertight data protection solution for your end-of-life devices

EraseDisk is a data protection solution from Fujitsu to help organizations tackle the problem of leaving sensitive data on hard disk drives when end-user devices reach their end of life. It enables the complete and ‘residue-free’ cleanup of a PC’s hard disk drive, before a device is retired, reused or sold. EraseDisk functionality allows easy and secure recycling of end-user devices, such as PCs and workstations, and helps companies with the compliance measures necessary in many industries. In addition, it also provides time and cost-savings and environmental benefits.

EraseDisk Option by Fujitsu

Embedded into the firmware of selected Fujitsu client computing devices, EraseDisk irretrievably wipes the data on all partitions on all hard drives of a device. With EraseDisk, disk sanitization can easily be done internally, either by the user or administrator – it’s up to the company to decide who should perform data deletion (no need for third party services!).

Why EraseDisk?

  • Allows easy, cost effective and secure deletion of the drives
  • Permanently and irretrievably delete all data from drives without any third party involvement
  • Ensures that the devices are recycled or sold without any risk of critical business data being disclosed
  • No separate installation required as it is already implemented within a system’s UEFI firmware (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)
  • Can’t get lost during the lifetime of the device since it’s a part of the BIOS
  • Supports remote deletion of drives [EraseDisk function can be accessed remotely with Intel® Standard Manageability or Intel® Active management Technology (iAMT)]

Why delete data in a secure manner?

EraseDisk symbol

Before drives can be discarded or a device is sold the data should be irretrievably erased to ensure highest data security. Simply erasing data from drives or formatting drives is not sufficient to ensure data protection. Confidential or business-critical data might still be recovered and misused. EraseDisk shall also be used whenever users need drives to be completely wiped, e.g. when installing a new operating system.

To know more about the Fujitsu EraseDisk functionality, please refer this FAQ document.

If you are interested Fujitsu’s energy-efficient client computing devices, please have a look at the ESPRIMO product page or contact your local Fujitsu reseller.


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