Fujitsu Forum `17: Opening Keynote – Digital Co-Creation

Opening Keynote - Digital Co-Creation

Over 1,600 businesses leaders were surveyed by Fujitsu and key findings show that:

  • Whilst 46% of organizations are delivering digital transformation projects, a third have cancelled projects with average costs of approx. EUR 500,000.
  • Three quarters admit a digital skills shortage and yet 84% say that their customers expect them to be more digital
  • 90% claim to have a clearly defined digital strategy but 74% say that digital projects occur outside of that strategy
  • 86% believe their ability to adapt to new technology will be crucial to their organization’s survival
  • 58% of those surveyed said that customers and consumers are those driving the digital transformation

Duncan Tait, Director and CEO SEVP Head of EMEIA & Head of Americas, Fujitsu, stressed that to succeed we need an agreement, a PACT focused on having the right People, Actions, Collaboration – and Technology – in place. It’s this balanced approach to PACT that serves as the basis of successful digital transformation today.

In order to succeed, it’s vital not to be held back by a culture of fear, and to have the right partners in place. This was also echoed by, Jo De Vliegher, Chief Information Officer, Norsk Hydro and Olivier Onclin, Chief Operating Officer, Belfius. There was broad agreement that a successful execution of a digital strategy is a cultural change; it means collaborating in a new way by going beyond traditional vendor-client relationships; it needs co-creation. You also need to equip people with the new skills. You must be digital on the inside and on the outside.

Fujitsu Forum Opening Keynote 2017 in Munich

How do you encourage innovation without unnecessary risk? As new entrants are attacking core businesses, it makes experimentation necessary. Management have the responsibility of accepting failure in areas of constant experimentation; in some others, failure is a no-go. Without a clear action plan, people are reluctant to start on the digital journey, and people will always be the cornerstone of success. All digital transformation must be carried and supported by top management and that is a cultural change in itself. Fear must not hold back digital transformation

Crucially, Rob Enslin, President of Cloud Business Group, SAP, explained that you cannot assume that you have the right people in the company to achieve digital transformation. A co-operation ecosystem is key. That’s why, Duncan Tait announced that Fujitsu will open two digital transformation centers in Munich and New York so that customers and partners can benefit from a single co-creation approach with Fujitsu.

Both of these will be key in achieving Fujitsu’s vision of a more prosperous society as outlined by Tatsuya Tanaka, Representative Director and President, Fujitsu. That’s why, Fujitsu is stepping out of the boundaries of a traditional ICT company, e.g. by bringing innovation to agriculture, manufacturing and financial services through co-creation.

How are you going about your digital transformation journey?

To find out more, or to meet our experts, come to Fujitsu Forum, Munich.

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