Next update: John A Way´s business flight to Copenhagen


We thought it would be fun to share some of the different locations  John A Way has visited so far.

Flying from Frankfurt towards Copenhagen John had a first row seat from which to enjoy a short flight to the Danish capital.

(JohnAWay had the honor of pre-boarding. So enough time to pose with the captain’s hat )

Having arrived the hotel in Copenhagen late at night, John A. Way decided to sleep a little bit longer than usual and start for the sightseeing trip after lunch.

Given the fact that Copenhagen is not as a big as Berlin or London, all the important sights are in walking distance.

So, he decided to visit Amalienborg Plads where you can find the main residences of the Danish Royal Family. Unfortunately, he missed the daily ceremony of the changing of the royal guard which takes place at noon…John also wanted to go to Helsingor Castle, made famous in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, but, it’s not in Copenhagen so, he had to give that a miss…still, he promised himself that he would come back one day and visit the wonderful country of Denmark. Now, says John, “Where’s my chess board?”

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