New perspectives for the work of police and security authorities

Conference on Digital Administration

In recent years, security of citizens has become one of the top issues in Germany in society, politics, science and business. The Annual Conference on Digital Administration on March 13 and 15 in Berlin will focus on this topic because of the enormous opportunities and possibilities.

Why digitalization can help to combat crime

The number of robberies is increasing. Organized crime is being helped by the Internet. The threat by terrorist attacks is increasing. This all contributes to an increased workload for police forces and other crime units.
It is therefore important for police officers to be given the tools and support they need to be able to concentrate on their operational tasks. Victims of crime can then be helped more quickly and citizens feel safer.

However, the police suffer from limited resources and inadequate technical support, meaning they struggle to keep pace with work. Today’s police work is often very bureaucratic. We lack a single database–so access to useful existing data is often very difficult, if not impossible. Data may collected late or still use paper systems rather than being stored electronically. If the police officer meets a suspect, they cannot access the existing identification data online, but have to match it by radio frequency instead.

This is clearly far from optimal. If these processes could be run more efficiently and digitally, police officers would have much more time for their actual task: Protecting citizens, fighting crime and prosecuting criminals. This will be a key theme at the Annual Conference on Digital Administration.

Digital solutions for internal security

The second day of the conference will be opened by Jürgen Mathies, State Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia. In his keynote – The importance of IT in the work of security authorities – he will highlight the opportunities, possibilities and risks of digitizing police work. Mathies will draw on his real life experience as police Commissioner of Cologne and Leverkusen.

This will be followed by a breakout session called “Gaining time for the most important things: Opportunities and limits of the digitalization of police work “. In this session, the participants will be able to gain deeper insights and discuss key topics with Andreas Lezgus, Senior Criminal Director at the Federal Criminal Police Office. Participants can see even more innovation and best practice in the supplementary exhibition and gain insights into image analysis, position recording, position analysis and position visualization.

I’m particularly looking forward to the panel discussion on blockchain which offers an opportunity to explore what this relatively new technology can do for public administration. Prof. Helmut Krcmar from the Technical University of Munich and Prof. Peter Parycek from the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS will be joined by Fujitsu’s Dr. Joseph Reger, Chief Technology Officer for EMEIA to discuss this and share their perspectives.

Innovations for a secure, sustainable future

The motto of the Annual Conference Digital Public Administration is “developing and implementing innovations together”. For me, this makes it clear what is most important in times of digital transformation: networking, exchange of thoughts, creativity, agility and flexibility. My Fujitsu colleagues and I believe that digitalization has a deeply human component and requires us to put people at the center of what we’re doing. And this is exactly what the Annual Conference Digital Public Administration in Berlin is all about.’
We hope to see you at the annual conference at the Berlin BOLLE Festival Halls on March 13 and 14 to discuss the digitalization of public services

Be sure to follow the event on Twitter using #JKDigVerw so you don’t miss any news and insights from the conference.

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