NATO Chooses Fujitsu

NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, currently with 28 member countries, features regularly in the media. With numerous institutions, directorates, teams and committees, it is a complex multilayered organisation with both military and civil management structures and plays an important role on the world political stage. With 2000 staff in Europe, USA and other member states, information is of extreme importance to NATO and needs to be fast and reliable. Not an easy task when one takes into account the diverse forms of information, masses of documents and numerous disparate internal and external sources that feed into the organisation’s global information network.

Fujitsu took up the challenge of developing a solution, as did a number of other international teams from top IT companies. Eventually, however, Fujitsu was chosen due to its intelligent concept, its practical expertise in the field of enterprise information management and the commitment of its international project team. Firstly, an enterprise information management system was developed and implemented, using software from Microsoft, EMC, Autonomy and K2. The staff at NATO was trained and Fujitsu agreed to maintain the system for 18 months following its installation, as well as providing service desk support for four years. Thus, the provision and distribution of data became quicker; internal and external sources were integrated; user-friendly functions for searching and archiving were created and the information network was made more secure.

The solution has clearly quickened processes at NATO and made the staff’s work a little easier. Wouldn’t it be great if world peace followed!

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