Mobility in the Human Centric Intelligent Society

Whereas just a few years ago the concept of mobility was just about having a mobile phone or laptop, that is no longer the case. Nowadays, users are using several mobile devices at once. But, that is not all. Mobility also applies to giving, say, external consultants limited access to company data, and mobility also has to be managed. Additionally, security is always a key concern.   Addressing just one of these concerns, or a combination of them, might seem like a huge challenge, though, this need not be the case. At Fujitsu Forum 2013, we will be showing a number of devices, solutions and services that address these matters.   Let’s start with the devices.

Do your employees require a combination of style, extremely high resolution and lightness?

If yes, the LIFEBOOK U904 Ultrabook™, the slimmest 14-inch Ultrabook available with only 1.39 kg, sporting a staggering resolution of 3200 x 1800, is just what they need.

For non-stop workers, the LIFEBOOK S904 is the perfect fit. With up to 24 hours battery runtime in a truly thin housing, they can fly around the world without recharging.

Or, are your employees constantly out, for example, surveying land or buildings? If so, the LIFEBOOK T904 Ultrabook™ with its bi-directional rotatable super high definition display is the right device. They can write with the pen for personal notes, draw diagrams or use the touch capability for flipping through slides — without compromising on enterprise-class security, connectivity and comfort.

Do your employees take customer orders, say, in a restaurant or lounge? Why not equip them with a semi-ruggedized tablet such as a STYLISTIC Q704 or Q584? With the Fujitsu Shell concept, these can be individualized to suit your needs.

Now, let’s take a broader look at mobility.

Let’s assume that you need to hire an external consultant. Typically, they would have their own laptop. How do you make sure that they can access only the information they need? With Windows to Go, included in Windows 8 Enterprise, you can provide a secure desktop environment, loaded from a USB stick, and usable on their personal laptop.

Mobility also needs to be managed. This means taking into consideration mobile application and device management to support and control your mobile environment while also safeguarding corporate data and protecting privacy, maybe through a cloud environment. We will be showing a live role play showing both the user at work, as well as, the administration in a large enterprise or SMB.

How are you managing mobility?

What stumbling blocks have you come across?

Feel free to talk to our experts at the Fujitsu Forum, and see what Fujitsu can do for you.

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    November 6, 2013

    Very interesting n informative.

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