Mobile World Congress: We are ready for you and taking IoT to the next level!

We all know it as one of the largest mobile shows in Europe and to make your mark, you have to be there.  With thousands of excellent exhibitors and interesting, mobile launches coupled with over 94,000 attendees, Mobile World Congress is one of the greatest of 2016.

At Fujitsu, we look forward to MWC every year – what an opportunity to see what’s hot and what’s not among the entire industry, as well catching up with customers, partners and even competitors. This year, the Fujitsu team is putting the finishing touches to what we think will be Fujitsu’s boldest presence ever at MWC – and we aim to show you what we mean under the theme of Human Centric Innovation in Action: Taking IoT to the next level.

Fujitsu’s booth A40 in hall 5 gets a striking new look and will demonstrate how Fujitsu is delivering value for business and society in a hyperconnected world. Our aim is to create an environment to support innovation on a proven IoT platform, helping its customers to accelerate their business transformation through digitalization; after all, Fujitsu sees IoT as both a component and enabler.

We will of course have plenty to see on the booth. Among the disruptive smart-technology platforms, we will be featuring interactive access and demonstrations of the critically-acclaimed Hyperconnected Van – and you get the chance to meet Daisy, the Connected Cow.


What’s more is that we have a new product launch that will take mobility and security to the next level. You can already experience security at its best with Fujitsu’s unique PalmSecure palm vein biometric technology – which is more accurate, faster, easier and hygienic than other biometric authentication scanners – and at MWC we’ll be showing why this product  is Fujitsu’s most secure in its class – come by the booth to find out more.

The Fujitsu booth is packed with innovation: Fujitsu Laboratories Europe will be showcasing its Creative Digital Spaces, enabling you to project a virtual window system over a large shared space, such as a wall and table, enabling people to display and share information with simple operations. There will also be interactive demonstrations for Hands-free Operations for workers in the field, with a ring that lets you write in the air.!


Also on the booth, you’ll find Fujitsu’s ATM Series 100. This has made some noise in Europe, and although you won’t be able to withdraw hard cash on our booth, you will have a chance to see a demonstration come alive at MWC.  You’ll be able to see how we mobile-enabled the ATM to make your transactions safer and convenient.


There’s even more on the Fujitsu booth at MWC:

  • Automotive & Smart Transport: One of the biggest challenges of the transport and logistics sector is improving driver safety and fleet management with sensor-based data. Find out how Fujitsu offers digital solutions to benefit the driver, fleet manager, vehicle, suppliers and manufacturer alike
  • IoT Enterprise Wearables: Devices and sensors including a vital sensing band that measures human behavior and environmental factors to ensure workforce safety.
  • Smart Healthcare: Fujitsu Healthcare Cloud / RFID solutions for hospitals include innovations such as digitalized bedsheets and digitalized hospital uniforms.  Fujitsu’s Healthcare Cloud platform focuses on patient / client communications and transaction services, self-management, TeleCare, and Community Healthcare services

The countdown is on – we’re excited to show you all we have and to see what other companies are doing. There is a lot more from us, so watch this space!

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