Mobile scanning for mobile working

The paperless office is an ideal solution for many. All the information you need to do your job is stored digitally on a mobile device or, even better, in the cloud, enabling you to work on any device, at any time and at any location. Nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult to achieve this ideal because of the amount of paper we keep on receiving. Photos, reports, business cards and notes jotted down on notepads: the easier it becomes to quickly digitize them and store them via cloud services such as OneNote and Evernote, the closer we’ll be to paperless offices

No Fiddling with Cables

The ScanSnap iX100, an ultra-light, ultra-portable and wireless document scanner, has been developed on the basis of this idea. Not only is it the world’s lightest and fastest scanner, it is also equipped with WiFi functionality and has a built-in battery, making it ideal for mobile workers who are often on the road. Users can directly scan documents to devices and cloud services via WiFi, without having to fiddle with cables and worry about network coverage. They can even do so while sipping coffee at a roadside restaurant or from a car park. In other words: anytime, anywhere.

Even with its full range of features, such as WiFi functionality and built-in battery, the ScanSnap still only weighs 400 grams. A fully charged battery can scan 260 sheets of A4 in color at 300dpi. It takes just 5.2 seconds to scan a complete page; 30 percent faster than previously possible with the fastest portable scanners in the market. The built-in WiFi automatically recognizes known networks for uploading scanned documents. Other innovative functions include Dual Scan (simultaneous scanning of two small documents, such as receipts or business cards) and the ability to merge double pages onto A3 sheets.


Perfect Connection

Of course this mobility solution works with Windows and Mac OS devices. But that’s not everything. Also smartphones and tablets can be connected with the mobile scanner when their operating system hears on the name AndroidTM or iOS.

More information are available here

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