Mission Possible – Data Security in the Cloud


Last week I discussed our soon to be released study on Data security in the Cloud with the two leading heads for cloud computing of the german national security agency.

The goal of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is to promote IT security in Germany. (yes, we really have a ministry for that!).

Actually almost every country has an institution like this. But for most cases they are a well hidden part of the national secret service.

The BSI defines standards and norms for IT security for all public sector institutions and also sets de facto standards for many international government institutions in the area. BSI research fuels acts that pass german parliament and become binding laws.

Still a bit of their precious mission showed out when I had to leave my phone and passport at the reception desk.

As a result of the meeting we got invited to support BSI in defining minimum requirements for cloud computing providers to be described and issued this fall.

There is an English web presence available for those who want to know more about BSI.

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