Meet Your Light and Powerful Business Companion

Fujtisu`s LIFEBOOK U937

The modern business executive is constantly on the move and demands instant connectivity, at anytime and anywhere. The demands of our real time economy are fueling innovation within Fujitsu to create dynamic and flexible tech travel companions for today’s hyper connected world – giving frequent travelers the opportunity to work whenever and wherever they choose.

Except for a hardy few who try and make do with a tablet or even a smartphone while on the move, the business notebook is an ubiquitous travel companion. Therefore, the lighter, more powerful and secure the device, the more attractive it is to busy executives. They need reliable access to digital services and connectivity wherever they might be – whether this is in an office, the back seat of a car, a coffee shop, a hotel room or an airport lounge. Executives with a busy schedule do not want to waste valuable minutes trying to connect to networks or scrabbling around for a power outlet – they want a notebook that suits their lifestyle. On top of this, they expect security as a standard.

These were the guiding principles that Fujitsu followed when developing the new LIFEBOOK U937 – to build the lightest yet still powerful business notebook for the executive constantly on the move.

With all this in mind we have designed the new LIFEBOOK U937 which is launched today at the CeBit in Hannover.

The result is the featherweight LIFEBOOK U937, which tips the scales at just 920g and is just 15.5mm thick. When you first lift the LIFEBOOK U937, you’ll be surprised at how light it really is. Although it weighs hardly anything, the LIFEBOOK U937 does not cut corners in other areas – it is durable, has a battery that is easily able to last the working day, and is bristling with connectivity including USB Type-C and 4G/LTE, as well as a full-size LAN and full-size HDMI connector plug – avoiding the need to carry around dongles. The LIFEBOOK U937 is encased in a robust magnesium housing that’s tough enough to provide protection for a notebook that’s constantly being carried around.

The LIFEBOOK U937 is based on the 7th generation Intel® Core™ processor and has integrated PCIe SSDs to ensure top performance. Its anti-glare 13.3-inch screen provides Full High Definition (FHD) and makes it possible to work outside, even in direct sunlight. For users who prefer to get hands-on with their notebook, there is also a brilliant (glare) touchscreen model.

For Fujitsu, security has always been a priority. That’s why integrated biometric security is a standard feature, with a choice of either a biometric fingerprint scanner or Fujitsu PalmSecure technology in addition to an integrated SmartCard Reader and the inclusion of TPM 2.0 to protect enterprise data.

The LIFEBOOK U937 notebook is available globally. The first shipments in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa are expected on April 10, 2017. Pricing and weight vary according to model, configuration and country.

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